Sunday, February 8, 2009

Right in the Epeen

They've already offered transfers off the new server because it's too crowded. We were considering moving but it looks like enough people have moved off to make it tenable (ironically, Garithos has been showing up as a medium population server for the last couple of days. The only time that ever happened was right after the 3.0 patch and Garithos was one of about 8 servers that was up).

However, I'm not sure I like the culture of Scilla. For one thing, on Bloodscalp people might ask for your stats but on Scilla, they ask for stats and they want you to link the achievement for the instance they are trying to run... Which is to say, you can't do it unless you've already done it. It's quite mad.

But beyond that, there's the ganking. And it's not the quanity... It's the quality. On Friday I was leveling my shadow priest and I was doing some furbolg quests in Winterspring. At level 56, I got ganked by a level 80 Shadow priest named Insaetia. Now I don't normally call people out for a ganking. Hell... I've certainly ganked more lowbies than I've been ganked. But this was different.

I rezzed and went about my business. Clearly this priest was grinding Timbermaw rep because he found me about a half hour later and ganked me again. A one shot. I'm so impressed. But then he stood on my corpse. He hit me with three emotes. Jumped up and down on my body. Then he started pulling mobs and fighting them on my body.

OK Jackass... You earned it. I logged off my shadow priest and logged on my paladin. I was in Everlook a few minutes later and was actually right behind Insaetia who was heading back to the furbolg camp... Perfect!!! I judged justice. It crit. So did Seal of Command. Hammer of wrath was up before he could even fear. Which he did but I bubbled and nuked him with HoW and boom. Dead. I followed with the same three emotes and started _my_ camp.

But he didn't rez... But I'm sufficiently pissed now. I'll wait. 5 minutes later and I'm still waiting when a mage - Devasteight (of the Shattered Sun... OMG!!! I am so impressed at your ability to do daily quests!!!) showed up and the two the them WTFPWNed me. /golfclap

So I rezzed, healed, etc. and went out looking for them. And they WTFPWNed me again. Completely thrashed me. And this time they started camping me. I mean campfires and beach umbrellas and the whole bit. But I'm not an idiot so I was able to rez and get away. Clearly I'd touched a nerve and he'd gotten a big brother to protect him. So I logged onto my priest with the intention of moving to another area. But as soon as I'd mounted, I was hit with Shadow Word:Death. Boom. Dead.

It was the shadow priest... Again. And the mage. And they'd set up shop again. But now they've been joined by a warrior - Vassilico. Take a look at his armory... I'll wait. Currently, he's Fury and dual wielding Ebon Blade rep rewards. He's got an agility gem in his boots. A +24 stamina gem to get a +4 strength bonus. And he's rocking the +72 attack power trinket (level 70) from the Brewfest event. Grats on your epic fail, n00b.

But I've been tired all week. So I take a nap. I wake up 25 minutes later and they're still there. I went to cook dinner. I ate dinner. Still there. I LOGGED OFF and played an alt for a half hour. STILL THERE. Three level 80's camping my level 56 clothie in crappy gear for at least 90 minutes and I've been asleep, afk or on a different character and they're still at it. At this point, it's gotten sad.

At some point the server rebooted... After which, I was able to log onto my shadow priest, finish the quest chain I was on and head over to Silithus. I get that I'd kicked that guy square in the epeen and that this assault on his manhood could not go unavenged. But... Seriously... I mean... REALLY??!?!? An hour and a half for one piece of payback for something YOU started?!?!? GROW UP!!! And the extent of it... A single level 60 of any class would have been sufficient to keep me locked down for hours. Did it _really_ warrant three level 80's - one of which was decked out from head to toe in epics?

And what about your two friends? How sad is it that you would actually waste an hour and a half of your lives doing NOTHING for an "offense" against someone else? It makes me sad for you... And your sad, pathetic, shriveled, little manhoods.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How is that better?

So... The server move is complete. It was three days of scrambling, setting up interfaces and not having enough guild members on the new server to do anything but we've moved. And now that we're here? There's a longer queue earlier than there ever was on Bloodscalp.

So many people transferred to Scilla that it has gone from a low population server to a high population one. People are logging on at 8 and complaining about queues. Wintergrasp is so crowded it's unplayable. Dalaran is so crowded that I'm reluctant to check mail there.

Which is to say... We actually _did_ trade all of my friends for another bloodscalp with earlier queues but a faster ping time. Fan-tastic.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

To Parts Unknown


So... The guild switched servers this weekend. I'm not happy about this. Quite the opposite, in fact.

When my Alliance guild broke up, I decided to play with people I knew. It took me several weeks of hardcore leveling to catch up to them because I'd already leveled my Alliance mage to 70. I also tried to keep a toon at about the same level as my main group... Which meant I leveled one character from 35 to 70 and at the same time, one from 1 to 35.

They were behind me progression-wise in vanilla WoW so it was no surprise that when I got to 68, they were still trying to get past the second boss in Shadow Labyrinth. We developed a comfortable group of five people and learned all of the new instances and taught them to the rest of the guild. I even got them started on the Karazhan key quest lines. When others in the guild wanted keys, I tanked the instances for them. No questions asked. Nine months after Burning Crusade came out, we had 7 people with keys and decided to try to make a Karazhan run. We all got together for a party and I helped two people finish the last two legs of the key quest. We downed Attumen that night and everyone was ecstatic... After all, we're talking about a guild that had never even been into Upper Blackrock Spire as a group.

Over the next few months, we got further and further. Curator, a big stumbling block for a number of guilds, was a joke for us. The only times we ever wiped on him were when we tried to 8 man him... And even then it was close. We got all the way to Chess but never got any further. These people had jobs and children... So people got bored. They stopped coming out.

I was still interested, however. So I started PuGging for people who needed a tank. Some of them were terrible... But some of them were pretty good. I was the first person in our guild to down Prince... And Nightbane... And... Well... Pretty much everything after Maiden/Moroes. I took everything I learned back to our raids every time there was an uptick in Karazhan interest.

But something happened I hadn't expected: I made friends. I didn't talk to them every day but it pleased me to see them running around and to /wave at them. Maybe throw them a buff or two. If I ever saw them looking for people, I'd always sign up because I knew I'd have a good time.

Interest in WoW waned after the expansion was announced. It wasn't uncommon for there to be only one or two other people in the guild on-line at any one time... One of them even quit WoW for the summer. But I was still playing and "doing stuff". I even went so far as to download a mod that kept me in the Looking For Group channel all the time. Along the way, I earned the Champion of the Naaru title... Something of which I was really proud because, without guild support, it had taken a lot of work on my part.

When Wrath of the Lich King came out, I was the first person in our guild to hit 80... By about two days. Three more followed in the next couple of days but then no one. All this fabulous new content and I had no one to expore it with. One of the 80's pretty much only logged on to do Wintergrasp. So I turned to the LFG channel again.

After I had gotten to exalted with Sons of Hodir, I spec'd Hiahotah resto because there were more people looking for healers than tanks. I found that I could run pretty much any instance I wanted at pretty much any _time_ I wanted. One of the guilds I used to run with in Burning Crusade invited me to a Naxx run early on. I was undergeared but consider that at the time I hadn't even done a heroic, I think I held my own. I collected badges and got upgrades... We still only had 4 level 80's... In fact, the fifth 80 in the guild was my death knight. My paladin was the 8th.

Two weeks ago, I filled out a slot as a healer for a guild Naxxramas run. It was their first time in Naxx so many wipes were expected. I'd seen a number of the fights back in vanilla WoW or during that time I did it at 70 before the expansion or during that one run. I let them wipe a couple of times on each boss and then made suggestions as to how they could do it better and they would down the boss. It was fun learning the content and coaching a guild through the fights. They invited me back the next week and we got further faster. Learning had taken place. We actually cleared all four quarters and even took a few shots as Sapphiron. A couple of them would whisper me during the week to see if I was coming out on Friday. It was a young group but willing to try and learn. It was a satisfying experience. They filled out their healing roster so they didn't need me any more... Which was great. I can always find a group.

Then this week, we got our 10th person to 80. We did our first all guild heroic in weeks. It was an ugly run through Halls of Lightning but it was the Daily Double so we ground through it. And after about 4 wipes on Loken, we finished it. Great!!

Well... Not really... You see... One of our members (the one who quit for the summer) who has been hot to transfer off Bloodscalp noticed that there were free transfers to Scilla for horde. While all this exciting stuff was going on for the guild, people were talking about moving.

We've been through this before. The guy who quit wants vast fields of mobs all to himself for farming purposes. Some claim they get disconnects and lag. Others don't want to worry about mean old Alliance lurking around every corner waiting to gank them. I tried to argue that there were more horde on Bloodscalp than Alliance (by a 2:1 margin) so it's mostly the other way around for the gankings and that the disconnects were largely due to poor internet connections (the one with the most disconnects uses his neighbor's wireless connection) and the lag was due, in part, to inferior video cards (one guy can't see the statues in the pit in Halls of Lightning... If you've been there, you know what I mean... Basically it's about 20 feet away and he only sees gray mist). As for the vast fields of mobs... Does that really compare with my ability to find stuff to do when the rest of the guild isn't on line? Apparently it does.

The discussion went something along the lines of:

"We want to leave."

"I have friends here."

"We want to leave. There's lag."

"EVERY server had lag during Wintergrasp. It's been better since they made the orb instantly clickable."

"We want to leave. There's a queue."

"For, like, 5 minutes if you log on after 9:30 and, frankly, when you people log on after then, you don't really _do_ much, do you?"

"We want to leave."

"THere's enough of a population here to support PuGging. Something that _I_ enjoy when you're not around. I've played on a low population server before. It's painful watching someone begging for a tank in LFG for two hours. They don't allow transfers to high population servers."

"we want to leave."

I've checked the new server. There are about one quarter the number of the people in the LFG channel that there are on Bloodscalp. Have you checked to see if the lag and disconnects are any better on the new server?"

"We want to leave."

"Look... I'm being asked to give up something that is a large portion of my enjoyment of the game. If you can prove that your technical concerns are valid, then I'll drop my objections."

"Just move one of your characters then."

"I have a whole mini-economy going. I'd hate to leave one out in the cold."

"Just roll a new character and level it to 80."

"Screw you."

"This isn't a democracy. You don't have to move." (Read: We're leaving.)

"One of my friends just transferred from there to Bloodscalp. He says it sucks."

"We left."

So... To me it feels like I've lost a lot for a vague hope that any server would have to be "better". No one is able to define what that means or prove that things are less "unbearable"... And things that I just haven't had a problem with. I think it's safe to say that I play more than anyone else in the guild and I've not had a problem with any of the things they complain about. Maybe there are the odd, 2 to 3 second lag spikes but I think it's a small price to play for a LFG channel full of people who are also looking to "do stuff". So this move has limited benefits for me and a huge downside. For them... I don't know. I don't know what was wrong with Bloodscalp and what makes them think a new server would be better... I guess I'll find out.

Now my (horde) characters in a queue to move to server unknown and I'm locked out of being able to play them for 48 hours. I have no idea what will happen... But those asshats had damn well better be available for instances when we get to the new server or I'm going to be super-extra pissed.